The Main Faults in Operation of Ball Mills and the Respective Repair Techniques

The rundown of the fundamental kinds of wear and breakdowns:

widths of crushing bodies (balls) decline because of wear;

the covering plates are worn;

breaks and obstructing of the punctured screen;

wear and extending of the drive belts;

wear of the stuff set profile teeth;

wear of supports (bronze bushings);

loss of the lodging air-snugness;

wear of the feeder screw flights, and so on

Ball plant fix

The working individuals from the plant which are defenseless to the greatest wear are the covering and the balls. The bearings, the bearing grease framework and the drive are additionally exposed to wear.

Prior to start of the maintenance and closure of the plant the vibration is estimated.

When the plant is closed down and the engine is de-stimulated, state of all congregations is checked, and the maintenance list is changed. At the point when the gathering condition is checked, the holes in the bearing seat, in couplings and drum establishment areas and in the drum/circumference gear seat area. For instance, the accompanying resistances are determined for establishment of the drum: Support bearings focus to-focus distance ±2 mm.

Deviation from the horizontality of the drum diary establishment is 0.35 mm per direct meter. The all out pivotal freedom between the diary collars and the push bearing liner is 0.75 to 1.50 mm. The pivotal leeway between the collar and the liner of the drum development support bearing is 10 to 25 mm.

During activity the balls are exposed to wear bringing about the abatement of their width. The balls accomplishing the base allowable distance across are dismissed during arranging. The amount of the balls dashed into the plant will relate to the plant testament, so the balls are weighed during charging.

The defensive layer of the factories comprises of individual protection plates which are made of manganese steel. The plates are furnished with looks over for lifting the balls. Once worn by half, the protective layer is supplanted. In the event that the defensive layer isn’t supplanted, it will cushion and drop out during its further wear. The end covering is fixed in any event, when worn through by welding in the steel plate embeds or by supplanting singular plates.

The shield is fixed in the plant lodging utilizing the bolts embedded through the drum divider. At the point when the protection is eliminated, the drum is pivoted utilizing a winch and polyspast pulley square, or utilizing an exceptional compact stuff engine. The upper protective layer plates are eliminated above all else. The plates are eliminated utilizing a wedge driven in the middle of the plate and the drum divider.

During the plate establishment the lower some portion of the plant will be covered first, then, at that point the plant will be pivoted by 90°, the following drum region will be canvassed in the lower position, and this technique is performed until every one of the plates are introduced. These plates are likewise introduced utilizing the line screw supports as the drum pivots.

Because of the activity of effect stacks thechina Ball mill bearing supplier bolt association of the size gear are released, teeth are worn, and the outspread and pivotal runouts are expanded. Little deformities of the teeth (breaks and marks) are corrected by the structure up welding and emeried with an emery wheel. In the event that the teeth are worn to 30% of their thickness, the circumference gear will be pivoted by 180°, so the teeth work with the unworn side. To turn the bigness gear, the plant drum will be introduced to the situation where the circumference gear connectors are in the even plane, after which the drum will be wedged up so that to keep it from development during the tasks. When the drum and bigness gear rib association nuts are relaxed, the circumference gear will be lifted utilizing raising gadgets, and eliminated to the maintenance inlet.

The outspread and pivotal runouts of the circumference gear after fix, rebuilding or substitution will be checked as follows. The bigness gear outline will be isolated into 8 to 10 equivalent parts along the generatrix of the pinion wheels, and markers will be introduced at the circumference gear end. The drum will be consecutively pivoted by one division, and the hole between the markers and the bigness gear will be estimated in each position of the circumference gear. The allowable outspread runout of the bigness gear is 1 mm, and the passable pivotal runout is 1.5 mm.

The bearings will be fixed by the strategy set up for the rubbing type bearings. The bearings dismantling method comprises of the accompanying stages. The bearing organ seals, bolts and bearing covers will be eliminated. A cribbing and a jack will be introduced under the drum. The drum will be lifted utilizing the jacks (or other raising gadgets), wedged out on the lodgings, and the jacks will be delivered. It is restricted to leave the lifted drum on the jacks without fixing. Then, at that point the liners will be thrown and taken out with turn around the diary. The bearings are collected in the opposite request.

The drive belts will be supplanted at the same time as per the detail. The belt strain will be moderate, the engine misalignment being prohibited as it can bring about the belt lapping.

The plant will be tried after the maintenance.

The plant test system is as per the following. The unit trial of the electric engine, belt-and-pulley drive, gears, grease framework (the entire unit without charging the balls into the factory) will be directed for 2 hours. The test will remember checks for impacts for the stuff set, break of grease through the bearings, increment of the temperature of the bearing gatherings (it will not surpass 15 to 20°), vibration of the drive gear bearing, pulleys and engine (close to 0.1 mm).

Then, at that point plant load test is performed. First 25% of balls are charged during 20 min. disagreement, then, at that point the heap will increment to 100%, the spat being additionally 20 min. On the off chance that no breakdowns are identified, the factory is acknowledged after fix with issue of the testament.

After fix the ball plant will consent to all particulars and execution measures as indicated by its testament and activity manual.

Anticipation of the untimely gear wear and support of its operable condition during booked fixes. As entire, the arrangement of preventive and booked fixes is intended for keeping up with the gear operable, for example it will guarantee operability of the hardware while safeguarding its high limit. Likewise, the planned fixes permit circulating the maintenance group responsibility consistently, upgrading the maintenance quality and lessening the maintenance costs.