Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings have two lines of rollers, which predominantly bear outspread loads and can likewise withstand hub stacks one or the other way. With the high limit of outspread burden, it is particularly appropriate for work under hefty burden or vibration stack yet can not bear unadulterated pivotal burden. The raceway of the external ring of this kind of bearing is spherical, so its self-adjusting execution is acceptable and can remunerate the blunder of coaxiality.

Typically spherical roller bearings are non-detachable twofold column spiral bearings, created in open plan as standard. On demand, DHK can likewise plan and produce single line spherical roller bearings or split external ring spherical roller bearings.


Contingent upon their size and series DHK spherical roller bearings are created in a few diverse plan varieties, various plans have distinctive spherical roller plan and are fitted with various pens.

Bearings of the plan C have symmetric spherical rollers and focus free rib are fitted with two pieces squeezed steel confine as standard.

Bearings of the plan MB have a middle rib, with unbalanced rollers and two pieces inward ring riding and machined strong metal enclosures. This plan is delivered for the huge spherical roller bearings as standard. Such bearings have higher speed limit.

Bearings of the plan CA wear t have focus spine. They have symmetric spherical rollers and are fitted with one piece machined strong metal pen.

Bearings of the plan MA have a free community guide ring. They have symmetric rollers, are fitted with one piece machined and external ring riding strong metal confine. The bearings of this plan are particularly for use in vibrating applications.

The spherical roller bearings are additionally habitually utilized split spherical roller bearing supplier with tightened exhausts (for example tighten 1:12) in particular addition K or the shape bore is 1:30 specifically postfix K30 for series 240 and 241 as standard. Such bearings are exceptionally simple to mount. The office of mounting these bearing sorts utilizing connector (H) and withdrawal sleeves (AH) empowers mounting straightforwardly onto drawn or fine turned seats of shaft for applications where high running precision isn’t required.

Greasing up score and openings DHK spherical roller bearings except for series 213…are delivered consolidating straightforward re-oil highlights as standard, for example a circumferential furrow and greasing up openings in

the external ring. These highlights are related to the postfix W33.


Spherical roller bearings are ideal to remunerate misalignments. The most extreme allowable misalignment from their middle position ( ), is dependant after bearing plan, series and genuine working conditions. The accompanying qualities are most extreme admissible.