CleverMade 50 Can Collapsible Cooler Bag

Intermittently you need a huge limit cooler for your open air tries, however don’t have the space to pack a regular, hard-sided cooler.

While delicate sided coolers can be a powerful arrangement, a folding cooler that packs thin and minimal when not being used can truly save you some space.

Our top rundown has found the best foldable and folding coolers both of all shapes and sizes for limiting the work of transport and capacity while boosting your conveying limit.


Amazing 50 can limit with regards to the expense

Profile is under 3 inches wide imploded

Coordinated container opener

Viably watertight

Front zippered pocket and back network pocket for added capacity

Amazing value point


Long haul solidness of the polyester mix is problematic

Lashing isn’t great for hauling substantial burdens without anyone else

This cooler will perspire in specific conditions

The CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag is an unrecognized china folding cooler bag yet truly great individual in the folding cooler world that sports noteworthy ice maintenance, generally speaking limit and incorporated components for the expense!

In case you’re searching for something that is genuinely high limit without the precarious sticker price, this one ought to be on your radar! It can get together to 50 jars and afterward implodes down to under three inches.

This cooler is viably sealed, incorporates both zippered and lattice outside pockets, and components a coordinated container opener. Thinking about its ability and its adaptability, the cost is amazingly low on this one.

Breakdown this delicate cooler and pack it into a bag on your next excursion, or reserve it out of the picture and therefore irrelevant during the slow time of year. The versatility and storability of this choice isn’t to be disregarded when you truly consider how much space a cooler of this limit would some way or another possess.

This alternative in spite of its delicate bodied form can hold ice for the time being and keep drinks super cold for as long as a day and a half. Indeed, pretty amazing details for a folding cooler at this value point.

The polyester mix that makes up the outside of this choice isn’t close to as intense as a portion of the nylon and PVC options you see available, yet in case you’re not very hard on it, this cooler should none the less hold up for somewhere around a couple of seasons. Everything relies upon how hard you are on your stuff.